Hyundai iMax

Within seconds you know the Hyundai iMax is a smart design – just a casual glance at the interior is all you need to confirm that. Slide open both side doors and access to the second seating row is a peice of cake, folding/sliding of the second row seat means even those headed for the third row have a straight-forward journey.

But where the Hyundai iMax really scores is interior space, as the iMax accommodates seven passengers in comfort, designed to meet the needs of the corporate sector whilst also catering to large families. Seating comprises two bucket seats up front, followed by two rows of bench seats, each suitable for three adults with ample leg room. Even with all seven passenger seats occupied, the iMax still provides enough place to stow belongings, with 850-litres of cargo area.

Interior ambiance replicates a much smaller family car with two-tone interior trim, a six-speaker audio system and dual zone ducted air conditioning throughout.

Other vehicles may also be available, please specify prior to booking if there is a preference.